Permasalahan Yang Sering Di Hadapi Dalam Promosi Online

Permasalahan Yang Sering Di Hadapi Dalam Promosi Online

pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar - Until now the Central Bureau of Statistics has noted that Indonesia has about 17 million SMEs in Indonesia . The presence of SMEs in Indonesia was able to help improve the country's economy . However, SMEs still have a number of obstacles , including online businesses . The most frequently encountered problem is the limited promotion ends on the delay of progress and increased sales of their products .The success of a website or a blog , can be measured when it is based on how many visitors of a website / blog , how many readers of the website / blog , and is a barometer of a website or a blog is successful or not , with a view of the pool is the online businessman will continue to try to make a website or blog can be visited by many visitors as much as possible, because if website or blog has a lot of land to visitors automated online business more wide open obat telat bulan .
Online Shop today's world more and more and continue to grow , it is easier for us to buy stuff . People are increasingly choosing to shop online due to time constraints , not to mention the traffic congestion in Jakarta that makes online shopping more convenient .
But beyond the practical and easy buyer , there are some problems that often occur in online shopping , will give his review :
1 . Not Just With Photos
alat bantu sex Often we see the clothes worn by the lovely lady who made ​​us pingin have , then we buy and we are disappointed because it is very different from what we see photographed in material / model clothes . Remember, there is no price goods , if the price is much cheaper , it helps you to verify the seller to photograph what percentage of similarity with the original shirt .
2 . Size Not Available
Online shop usually includes some detail on the size of the picture , so we can measure our bodies , fit or not . But there are also only gives the size ( S , M , L ) or allsize . Several times buy clothes online but the size is not accurate , which makes clothes greatness or smallness . It helps us to ask the seller in detail , so we will not be obat pembesar penis disappointed because it does not fit or greatness .
3 . Different colors
Perhaps you have experienced , want to buy a shirt with what color , but the color is up to you different from the photo . Keep in mind , online sellers usually will edit the picture , and the lighting effects are also very influential , so it's likely only 70-80 % similarity .
4 . postage
pulau pari If we are a city with the seller , we will ga feel burdened with postage , because it is usually quite affordable . But what if the seller according to our city and located very far with our town , surely postage will be expensive and weighed heavily pulau tidung  on us , it may be cheaper if we buy directly in our city store .
5 . Delivery process
The average salesperson will escape liability if the goods have been delivered to the expedition . But what if the stuff we have not arrived 1 week ? And the receipt number provided is our check but is still in progress , but we want to wear clothes tomorrow . In anticipation of the delivery problem is rather difficult , it is better you do not buy clothes that jasa pembuatan toko online murah  you will use in the near future unless you use the services of lightning .
Theory and reality is not what is on the line thinking , meaning that the success of a blog will not be as easy to make fried banana , and it also means that the success of a blog should be supported with a tireless sacrifice ,
Try to see the success stories of the internet marketer Indonesia as Anne Ahira , welly noble , davit son and the others , they build their online business empire is not without problems , even those large due" SMEs have a strategic position in the economy , but unfortunately still limited to the wider promotion activities or for example with the use of technology , " said Minister of Industry , MS Hidayat in the ' Business Online ' in hotel Le Meridien , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 11 / 1/2012 ) .
Systems development in an organization or company is to advance the performance of a method or organization or company .Both in terms of overcoming a problem that occurs in an organization obat telat bulan  or company , to Merai opportunity or opportunities , and achieve the goals of an organization or company .Way systems development within an organization or company is to improve the performance and material processing in the organization .In this case of course many problems and obstacles that must be faced by any organization or company , because changing a new system and menerpkanya mudah.Maka not the case that the same thing is a good preformance inikerja menjalkan new system .The purpose of this system development is to lay an effective foundation in project management and information systems development program the company more effective , provided that the process is reviewed and tested first . A process begins with the proper system requirements analyst in pengerjaanya and within their desired results . The development process is terminated when the sub systemnya tested , and ready for dioperasikan.Dan denganhasil good , orderly and information peluang usaha online systems development approach and a structured program achieved within their subsequent desire .

BACKGROUND ISSUESThe background of this problem is to mengetasi any existing problems in system sales or product promotion places where I work .Errors that often occur can lead to the sale of products that are less optimal in achieving the target .This problem arises because of the new problems that lead to program the operating system used by the company has been lagging far behind the alat bantu sex technological system has been developed at this time .whereas· Similar businesses out there are very many and various social media proliferated .· Both the online and product marketing to procurement bazaar or exhibit
It is to be noted , because the program used by the company has been lagging far behind the current technological developments now .
So companies need to create a new system of development , in terms of improving the program tersebut.dan replace it with a more efficient program in determining the outcome .
PROBLEM IDENTIFICATIONHence the need to identify the problem , a problem that often occurs is the alat bantu sex  promotion of products in our company who are rapidly losing the promotion done by other companies .In this case that must be considered , namely , by way of knowing the problems being faced by the company during this time .Thus causing inefficiencies campaign undertaken by the company .In this case the company needs to create a new system , which can be overcome permaslahan that exist within the company and often occur during ini.dengan how to repair the system or how to program the company's sales promotion .Lack of knowledgejual alat bantu sex According to MS Hidayat , to date approximately 82.8 percent of Indonesian entrepreneurs still do not feel the need for the information technology such as websites for business development . In addition , 41 percent of employers do not get help to access the internet and also create a website , while 4.1 percent of Indonesian people do not have the experience and knowledge about this online business .
No maximum managementAlthough most small businesses begin to recognize the Internet and running an online business , they have not been able to maximize this technology to drive business . Businessman feel quite satisfied with having a website but do not manage it properly . " It should not only stop its struggle up here alone . Perform various website updates , beautify the website , and also make your product as creative as possible , " said Krishna Zulkarnain , Google Indonesia bisnis online Country Marketing to Female Compass .
Online business is not just selling various products of interest, and also supported a variety of online promotion are cheap , easy and fast . The online business also must be ready to think about the way the delivery of products to customers , how to meet the various orders in large numbers , to the way of payment for their products .
" Often a lot of people who do not think about it when starting an online business . Due to the online business , your shop can be accessed by many people and make people even from abroad can order your product , then you should be ready with that , " he added . alat bantu sex
unpreparednessDelivery of goods will also be a big problem when online businesses are not prepared and do not anticipate this problem . With online orders , means must involve a third party to deliver the goods ordered . So did his thing with the money transfer problems . It will be a big problem when the problem is you do not prepare . Online business is a business of trust . So if there is a problem that occurs in the transfer of money , goods delivery , product quality is not as expected , customers will be disappointed and may affect the reputation of your website and products later .
To accommodate this delay sometimes makes this hampered Indonesian businessmen and even had to refuse many orders coming . Krishna suggested , the online business should have a readiness in terms of technology , marketing innovation , and also address peluang usaha online issues that are likely to arise so that success will be achieved .

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