Things You Need To Avoid In SEO Optimization

Things You Need To Avoid In SEO Optimization
Every blogger or webmaster definitely want to blog or website perched on the front page of the search engines , especially Google , including the right also loe gan . How to make it dapetin yes to optimize SEO on our blog . But many things may loe not know in SEO and misguided understanding that will make your blog's not going to ever appear on the main page of the Google gan peluang usaha.

In this post i want to share the things that need to loe avoid in SEO optimization , let your blog's able to compete on the main page of the Google gan . Just a few things that will be the info i jelasin is a personal experience and i never tried ngelakuinnya gan . Jump aja gan -baek baek listened .
Things You Need To Avoid In SEO Optimization1 . Same post

This fancy term gan duplicate content , avoid loe make the exact same post with ato laen blog in your blog's own . In my opinion and many webmasters reliable , posting the # 1 most powerful SEO for gan . Google the Amendment with the name of the post, but that memamng was really new and exciting gan .

Do not copy and paste articles tried deh loe anyone else and post it on your blog's exactly like the original without that link back . Please wrote if you want to find inspiration for writing a blog post laen new legitimate gan . For example loe want anyone else posts Copas , loe must link back to its source gan let loe not duplicate the manner and at laporin ntar your blog's posts will be on the same legal om gan Google .
Do not try the same trick Google deceiving robot thingies if loe lazy to write a post gan , because the robot would know coz he's more clever than we gan .

2 . Changing links

Changing this link cloaking link ato often dilakuin create a link that generates money eg ad link . Indeed, there is a way to change the link let me not make the same ketauan Google gan especially in WordPress plugin just use loe could easily ngerubah link .

Which i want tekanin here is your blog's visitors , not a single person who was happy dibohongin including loe kagak Ko gan ? Well the same link ngerubah loe loe deceiving visitors , let ngeklik link to the specific page that they do not inginin . They certainly will be disappointed and will think twice made ​​it to your blog's back , lost confidence in your blog's gan iklan baris gratis no 1 di indonesia .
The most severe risk if ketauan Google , will disappear from your blog's search engine gan . It's not nonsense gan , I 've tried it and felt the consequences . Gw existing post on the front page Google ilang just like that i do not know where , I do not cariin ampe there are 10 pages . I finally updated my blog again , yes passable but some can go back a long process gan .
If loe ato create a blog site for affiliate programs , cloaking is necessary gan . The advantage to make the url more neatly , keep visitors already know if he would ngeklik affiliate link so do not need to be afraid also add a percentage for click gan . And so far I still alright at the affiliate link , and if you like loe cloaking affiliate links on nofollow gan remember .

3 . Irrelevant title

Want to let the blog crowded visited , continues to make interesting titles but not contents postinganya there kaitanya same title . Well this is also the name of fraud gan , Google's robots will not matter at post loe . Guaranteed not post loe will dapet good ranking in Google search gan .

Not only it wrote , visitors to the blog will be sorely disappointed if they visit the blog title talaga only interesting but it is not it gan bullshit .

4 . Menyebunyikan Text

Never gonna do this gan loe , loe eg text color for each ama your blog's background color with a specific purpose . For example let keyword loe so many let dapet good ranking in search engines , not going to catch fire gan . And will your blog's guaranteed dikeluarin of search engines and will not ever be in the index . Once again do not try ngalakuin gan black hat SEO great risk .

5 . Forget the Alt Tags and Anchor Text

jasa sebar iklan terbaik Alt tag is the same anchor text is very important for SEO gan . Image alt tags in the Google robot ngemudahin will know what the images in your blog's hell gan . Always remember namain existing image alt tags kaitanya same keywords , but do not over use the alt tag name with your blog's keywords ntar Google gan in the same law .

To anchor text is the text that do not know the contents loe link so visitors clicking it if the text will be taken to a page laen gan . With the anchor text can make moving pages ngemudahin visitors also gan . If for relevant anchor text is the same link do not deceiving gan goal .

6 . Excessive optimization

Do not get too dizzy with whose name SEO gan . Do not be too over loe ngoptimalin blog because your blog's SEO will be liable for punishment if too in optimization . I have a blog that practically destroyed SEOnya optimization gan , but the fact that almost all of my blog postinganya there on the front page of Google.

Make it interesting posts gan of the loe dizzy with SEO optimization . Blogs that have interesting content without excessive SEO optimization will be in respect of the search engine optimization blog that could be considered perfect but bad kontenya gan .

7 . quality Backlink

Indeed one way backlinks SEO off page optimizing , but a mistake in choosing a backlink can be fatal gan . Instead of your blog's page rank high dapet but can-can at the same spam anggep Google .

Never buy your blog's backlinks although dijanjiin will dapet high pagerank . Usahain not daftarin site to your blog's link exchnage gan . If loe want to exchange links with fellow bloggers usahain relevant blogs and dofollow . Backlinks Bad will ngerusak your blog's .
Loe backlinks must remember that the quality problem is not the number of gan . Ow yes forgot gan , not loe painstakingly nyari backlinks here and there, the focus for great content and I'm sure will loe dapet backlinks naturally and Google Amendment with natural backlinks .

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