I replied innocently . Do not know , so ngalir ajah .

I replied innocently . Do not know , so ngalir ajah .
I replied innocently . Do not know , so ngalir ajah . ( cliche answer wakakakak ) . But weve right, technically if I were asked , how so that the results of our writing ( short stories or novels ) good , I always confused answer . And sometimes ,

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I pinch techniques magnifying writer who has been crisscrossing . Until the end , I chose to answer , write what you want to write , find style lu , and enjoy . at least it is writing lu . Good or not , recent affairs .
And if only I was forced to explain the technical , I quote from one of his posts Scholastic Press Editor , Donna Widjajanto .
The following quotation ;
Terms manuscript is Good
By : Donna Widjajanto ( Editor Scholastic Press )

Good script is like. It's just a little bit , but hopefully this guide is quite valid .

1 . Indonesian
Let's start from that can be measured : the language . Wear good script language is good ( not necessarily true ) . This means that the continuous sentences and readable , " clean " .
Of course spelling plays a major role . And klmt - klmt that gk dsngkt - sngkat . Just what else to write SMS ? This is a big drawback of the fever-stricken teenager who else wanna-be - writers . Lame excuse : it is no editor . Hey, listen yes , it's more work than just editors mbenerin spelling , although the spelling mbenerin is part of our job . If it is too severe , of course, the script will be rejected .

Next , the sentence . Many authors who make a long-winded sentences , making the reading tired . Avoid this . A simple example : " He did not hit his brother hard . " This sentence is not wrong , but was not effective . Much more fun to read : " He hit her sister softly . "

Also avoid utterances that are too " translation " . These days with the invasion of other foreign languages ​​( not just English ) , we finished the sentence is not a sentence often use Indonesian .

2 . idea
All ideas were stale , the new is the mode of delivery . Yep, unfortunately we do not live in the 12th century , the gini almost everything is already discovered , all the stories you've been told . But how do I telling this ?

Back to our story of boy-girl hate each other but ultimately love each other , that prying Siska in the post before this . My goodness , the story was already one thousand two hundred thousand million times diceritain throughout history . Or story boy-girl love each other but the family resisted . Mmm ... remember Romeo and Juliet ? But instead of stories like this can not be told again , make dong splinter figure . For example, for the uncle that she had to defend him , or make the Romeo confused because there besides Julia Juliet . Or ... or ... there are a thousand or more.

Or if saklek Romeo - Juliet story must be challenged family , make a family dong funky , or masochistic . Or ... or ... and a million or else . Be creative , use your brain gray cells it ! Core be the same story , polesannya should be different.

One example Teenlit old but good new is Teenlit translation : The Princess and the Poor / The Princess & the Pauper , karyaKate Brian . From the title story was predictable , but the story is so boring ? On the contrary , this is one of the most exciting Teenlit I ever read .

One more thing about this idea and creativity : the beginning of the story . Still do not remember when we first told to fabricate SD ? The majority of the essay will begin with " Once upon a time I was ... ( etc. ) . " Authorship my elementary school rated good because I avoid the standard " One day ... " this . Apparently this grip now shifted to " Kring ... kriing ... Beker ring out . I opened my eyes . Oh , no ! Already seven ! Mom , why do you not wake me ? " Yep , from the 30s that our manuscript , the editors , read each month there are at least 20 that begins with the grip . As a result , just the 20th manuscript " Kring - Kring " we waste . So , start with something novel and interesting bombastic . The bomb blast , perhaps ? Scenes break up ? Kissing scene ? Hehehe ...

3 . writing
Start playing feeling , does this mean my opinion is really personal and somewhat difficult to explain factually . For me , a good novel is a novel that is " round " . This is my term , and I could feel the rounded novels of some early chapters that I read . Not because my magic yes , but if I try to think , because : ·

- The characters of his novel makes us stronger " know " them . How does the character " strong " it ? The figures clearly the physical description and character . Rival leaders in the Kingdom for example , we direct capture as a fairly tough guy , but there

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is a soft side too . Or character Ira in Beauty and the Best which models . It was easy to catch like what these figures .

- Storylines ( groove ) is strong, makes us want to know what will happen next
Some manuscripts are " rounded " and all I received was a direct lyrics Rival / Amalia , Beauty and the Best / Luna Torashyngu , danDokter , Painter , and the guy Plin-Plan/Ken Terate . It's awesome novels and I are proud to be involved in the " birth" of them .
From my own experiences and ask questions of others, the novels were born this way after careful planning . The storyline really thought , new poured . Sometimes there are elements of " magical " like his " whole story came to my self " . Yep , can not be explained by logical ... hehehe ... But I guess with a lot of practice , a magical element that can be erased . Besides persistence , keukeuh want to write to completion , " roundness " of the novel can be achieved as well .

4 . preparation

Anyway , I think that the novel is actually a " round " was also born of :

- The essay topic
How far the author knows the topic of the essay ? Are there elements of his life story in the essay ? If there Kinasih esti - example that takes a picture of his high school years in his novels - certainly easier to give a picture of life . But if not ? Find out as much as possible , both from the reference readings and interviews with people who know . Clara Ng did this interview to give a vivid picture of the area of Glodok , Jakarta for the novel Last Dimsum .

- Off-topic essay
How many books have the author read ? Read as much as possible the material , it would book a novel , nonfiction , self-help , magazines , newspapers , even though Red Light class newspaper . Reading the rich , although not directly allude essay topics , will give color to the bouquet . And will " tell " the reader how deep the author . Style of writing will be affected , and the author will appear smart - yes because he is intelligent with a wealth of reading .

Guide book on fabricated
Okay , he easily fabricated . LIE ! It's not that easy to fabricate . Even after you produce a 100 page type on the computer , make a good essay still not easy . But like all things in this day and age , there are various guide book about fiction . Some of that can be read is On Writing / Stephen King , Letters to Young Novelist / Mario Vargas Llosa , ( forget ) / Ismail à Marahimin this book so handle college Writing Popular UI , cover gray and can be purchased at the bookstore anyway . And although not technically about the novel , but can enrich life : Letters to a Young Poet / Rainier Maria Rilke .

The graffiti
When the search of Phillip Pullman , the one that appeals to me is how he feels Post - It is very important modern discovery . Why ? Because he used to write Post - It groove and novel scene , then move through the Post - It to make up stories that suit the desires . This method can disontek , or so most easily , find your own way . Maybe with cut- paste on the computer ? Maybe with scrap paper ? Although not making grooves saklek as taught in language lessons , but the author should make the graffiti .


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