Pengaruh Web Hosting Terhadap SEO

Pengaruh Web Hosting Terhadap SEO
Influence Of SEO Web Hosting is not possible for us because choosing a webhosting account is the first step of creating websites that are conceived in our minds that are often cheap , unlimited bandwidth and storage in choosing a web hosting without considering the speed of access a web server hosting . Maybe you will be surprised when in the back of the day knowing that access to your website is running slow which is not only a psychological effect on you pulau tidung  and your website visitors but also affect SEO .
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SEO though not the only means to get a lot of visitors , but it plays an important role in bringing visitors to the website we free , as long as do it yourself with the right techniques , in this article I will try to peel Effect Against Web Hosting SEO , let's see how great influence.Website access speed
The main factor is the Influence Of SEO Web Hosting is how fast your website can be accessed by visitors , most of today's search engines take into consideration how much time is needed to access your website into their ranking algorithm as a whole , why search engine algorithms consider the speed of their ? I think this is a logical thing for sure where the search engines want to provide the best service for Internet users , because of their popularity comes from the users of their services , if they give you a reference to a website that is slow for the access it will give the user a disappointment , what else if internet users use the internet connection is slow , then the search results will not be useful because of the difficulty in access to the website . Surely this is not the only criterion of a website will rank first , but give effect to its own assessment .Reliability A Server
Another factor is the Effect Against SEO Web Hosting is the reliability of a website , your website alat bantu sex may never rank on search engines rise due to unstable server , if the server that you use frequently down and your website can not be accessed on a regular basis then it is possible your website will get penalty from search engines in the form of a downgrade in the SERP and unfortunately you have absolutely no control over the stability of a server , this is a fully control of the web hosting .
Server down can be caused by many factors , it could be because the server is full load traffic , not on properly maintained , viruses , malware , long on shared hosting servers . All web hosting has the possibility to experience server downtime , but there diatara they can minimize the server downtime .Location Web Hosting
One factor that is Influence Of SEO Web Hosting is the location of a server , why the location of a server is also an impact on SEO ? , No such thing as local SEO which is targeted by geotargeted where the target is based on the geographical location and the target visitors of a website , if you want your target audience is the people of Indonesia , then you should put on a web hosting server in Indonesia , if you have a target audience in the USA then you try to have a web hosting server in the USA as well , since most servers in Indonesia is very slow in access abroad . I have already alluded to a little bit in my writing Easy Steps to Make Online Store on location web hosting .Term Contract With Web Hosting
The legend says that the contract period with your web hosting is also one factor Influence Of SEO Web Hosting , a website that contract up to 2 years is ranked easier than the website with monthly contracts , if the algorithmic mechanism somehow search engines to get information from the hosting company or hosting company that treats different websites monthly contract with an annual contract website . If we have found a reliable web hosting then please hold annual or bi-annual contract , because there is usually a discount for long contracts obat telat bulan  .Choosing Web Hosting
Once we know the Influence Against Web Hosting SEO then it is time we choose a good web hosting for the purposes of our website , what are the criteria for a reliable web hosting ? in fact from the above description we can conclude that the web hosting handa have the following criteria :
If we are searching on the internet , we will find a hosting company to the point that maybe we confused selection , if we have found a suitable hosting compnay , looking also at the reviews about the hosting company , there are several hosting company that the review of foreign good as HostGator . com and sitehostingsource.comboth have support fast response , stable servers , high speed , unlimited bandwidth , unlimited storage , and prices are still affordable in its class .How to Improve Website Speed
Not that all the problems of the speed of access to your website are the responsibility of the web hosting company , you can also maintain the speed of your website , you can do the following things to keep the speed of your site:
That's some Effect Against Web Hosting SEO and how to overcome them and once again hosting is not the only factor that affects SEO , even if we can not find a server in the country according to our will , we can still use overseas servers that speed , reliability , and its good for the purposes of domestic targets .

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