Cara Membuat Website Gratis ( FREE )

Cara Membuat Website Gratis ( FREE )
Jasa Pembuatan Toko Online Murah - This time I tried to give a small guide how to create a website at a cost of zero dollars , or free ( FREE ) . With just a few quick and easy steps , you are able to create their own website . Of course the cost of making the website does not actually zero dollars , because you yourself need to spend some time in front of a computer connected to the internet ( can be at home / cafe ) which also takes charge .. really .. really .. really .. ? ;) :) Except if the computer / internet connection is also free ( ride on friends , neighbors borrowed laptop or use a free hotspot boyfriend .. : D : D : D )
Okay .. we immediately begin the steps to build your Free Website ( FREE ) :Prepare Website Name & Topic / Focus Website
This is important , because many of us who ' just want to ' have a website , but do not know what the content of the website ngebahas mo . There are several websites sometimes even the content / contents ga disconnected or often just contains ' junk ' or content that mace means . The earlier you pick and choose the topic / focus of the website , the better the quality of the website that you created . The more quality content of your website , automatically getting many visitors who visit your website . Remember ! Google mbah message , " ... create a website for your visitors , not for search engines ... " :)Create a Website on Blogger or WordPress ?
The next stage and determine the type of website where you will create a website . The easiest way is to create a blogging website , because this type of website most easily made . And of course , if you already understand and user friendly enough with blogging , then you can expand it to other types of websites . Remember , CMS ( Content Management System ) like WordPress can be used not only for Blogging alone , but can also be developed for other types of websites such as company profile , personal portfolio , photo portfolio , online shopping and so forth .
Currently , there are 2 of the most dominant web service that provides free web blogging . This means you can create a web blog on the website , ie and . blog is a web service provided by Google , while the Web is a blog service that uses WordPress as a blogging platform .
Both the web blog service each has advantages and disadvantages . But now we have to care about ga it used to be, which is important to learn both , then please select whichever you prefer .How How to Make a Website in Blogger ?
To create a website / web blog on , please read the full guide at my notes about the pulau pari Guide to Make a Website in Blogger . I purposely separated notes that his discussion is more focused and not too long .When Creating a Website in WordPress , How-to ?
How to create a website / web blog at or less similar in a way to create a website / web blog on . itself also provide Indonesian version of WordPress , so it seems there is no any difficulty to create a website in WordPress , except maybe your internet connection suddenly slow and make annoyed : D Please read my notes about the guide to create a website on to the steps .Creating a Professional Website Website vs. GratisanWelcome to the section Making Training website . In the training section of this website creation we are here to help for the users or computer owners who want to learn a simple Web site creation . In this website we will provide basic training how to create a website that is simple yet attractive . So you can create a website with your own hands . And you can also do a question and answer with us if you have difficulty in making the website that you are working on. In making our website shall have the creativity and high imagination so that our website looks interesting though simple shape .
Be it for staining , or for the placement of images , we have to be really observant to look attractive and not too long when opened in Internet . We can use Microsoft Front Page , Macromedia Dreamweaver , Notepad or already available on every Windows . There are also additional programs eg Adobe Photoshop is used to edit the chart before the document is placed into the website , and Macromedia Flash is used to create the chart animations . We can also include music or other documents into our website .
But must remember one thing ! we do not insert too many graphics are highly charged because it would make the length of the opening of our document , at the time will be opened on the Internet (Chart of Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Flash ) pulau pari  .

How Can A Website Designing ?
There are so many ways that are used by some people to make a website . And in this training you will be told things that are important in order to look attractive Websites Making even a simple shape . So before making the website please observe the following:

Determine the Target Web Page Readers :
If you are the target readers WebPage local people , it is better you use Indonesian in your web documents . In order to be able to understand and faster to react to you WebPage .
Meanwhile , if you are the target readers WebPage people around the world , use of English is the International language of your web documents . And it does not hurt if your web document created in three or four languages ​​, which is used by people worldwide .
Determine the Purpose of Your WebSite :
In making website , before you have to determine the purpose of the website that you make or you pulau tidung make. Is the website to publicize yourself or you want to publish your company and the production of goods your company , etc. . However the form of the purpose of the Website or Website document you create , to be clear so that the reader can better understand your website and understand the purpose of your website .
Create your WebPage Structure :
Before you make your Web document , it would be better if you first consider how to manage your Web documents . Make the structure of the documents you create with clear and precise so as not to deviate from the goal of making your WebSite .
What is WWW ?
World Wide Web , or so-called Web , is a collection of information on multiple computer servers that are connected with each other in a network the Internet . Information on the web has a link that connects the information to other information in the Internet . Link has a special mark , either in the form of text underlined and colored , or it could be in the form of an icon image . If you want to know whether text or image is a link of a look at the information on the mouse pointer changes . If the image turns into a hand , then writing / text and the picture is a link of the information contained on the Internet .
The World Wide Web
In working with the web , there are two important things that the Web Browser or better known as Browser and Web Server Software . Both software as a Client- Server system . Web browser acts as a client and a Web server as a server . Client allows you to mengiterprestasikan and view information on the web server while allowing you to receive the information pulau tidung  requested by the browser .
HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language )
HTML is a data format used to create hypertext documents that can be read from one computer platform to another computer platform without the need to make any changes .
HTML documents can be also called Markup Language because it contains certain signs that are used to determine the appearance of a text and the importance of the text in a document .
systems used in linking the information with other information via hypertext links is then turned into a hypermedia connector which links the text is no longer shaped but may also take the form of images, sound or video.
Okay now we Start practicing create a HTML document , first we do is open notepad program that is already available on windows . Actually, we can also use the program Microsoft Front Page or Macromedia Dream Weaver , but for now more easily and neatly put on a notepad . Both Disk type and save it into a file name or diskette with latih.html ( do not forget all we want to save html files also include behind the html file name extension ) alat bantu sex  .
Program Listing 1.1 Simple HTML Document
<html><head><title> Simple Example HTML Document < . / title>< / head><body bgcolor=grey >Welcome to the world <h1> HTML < / h1 ><hr><font color=black> this HTML document could be a web page that contains various information pages and containing , among others, <b> text < / b > and <I> link < / I> . Web pages may also contain the capability with very few pages and thousands of information .<p>In this training you will learn the basics of making a simple website document . And you can create a document in accordance with the wishes of your website .<p><a Href="sample.html"> Click Here < / a> if you want to see more about this document ? <p>< / body>< / html >
Do not forget any of our opening example of something we have to close it : we open <b> we have to close it with < / b > , open <i> close it with < / i > , open <p> close it with < / p > , and so on so . After that see the results on the notepad , click file , open , browse , find the file that was saved with html extension and open . Finished , we 've made ​​the first html document exercise .
Basically put code writing large or small letters no problem , but it would be nice if we write it in lower case let me look more neat and nice views . And you should know that each of you want to write an E - Mail or other site address should use lower case , because if you use capital letters will not be read by the server .
What Is a Home Page
alat bantu sex Home Page is the first page of a website that contains a variety of information about what and who the owner of the company or organization web site. In the website also contained information about the links that connect between documents with documents lainnya.Setiap a personal or corporate organization that has information on the World Wide Web will require a specific address or URL called Website .
What is the HyperText Transfer Protocol ( HTTP )
HTTP is a protocol used to determine the rules to be followed by the web browser in the request or take a document , and by a Web server to provide the requested documents . If you 're browsing the web and on the words Addres bar , this is one of the web using the http protocol .
Uniform Resource Locator ( URL )
URL is a tool used to determine the location of information on a web server . The general format of a URL is :
Transfer protocol :/ / hostname / path / filename

Transfer protocol is a protocol used by browsers to retrieve information obat aborsi .
The host name is the name of the computer where the information is located.
The path / filename is the path and file name of an information .

Transfer protocol
Transfer Protocol is a protocol used for the transmission of information on the Internet . In addition to HTTP , the Internet is also known for several other protocols , such as :

FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) . This protocol is designed to allow users to transfer files in text or binary format in the server computer on the Internet . Example / pub / msdos / .
Gopher . This protocol is designed to access the Gopher server . Example gopher :/ / / .
News ( Network News Transfer Protocol ) . Protocol to distribute Usenet news . Usenet is a system designed as a discussion forum based on the topics called newsgroups . Example : news : comp.infosystems.www.announce .
Telnet . The protocol used to log into a server computer .
With these protocols , your browser can act as a client of the protocol .Create a free website ( FREE ) suitable if the website is used only for personal purposes , or other things that are not too formal . However, if the website will be made used to profile or portfolio ( personal or company) as well as promoting a product or service , then how ' free ' is not recommended . You have to pocket a little to create a professional website . In addition to functioning as a ' branding ' , professional website can also provide more value to the products or services you offer obat telat bulan .
In Indonesia , especially in Jakarta and other major cities scattered provider of web design and professional website creation . Ranging from large corporations , to groups or individuals . In addition to web programming , we also provide web design services and professional website creation as a whole . Starting from the initial design , theme , programming , website to order optimalisasinya exposed in search engines like Google , Yahoo and Bing . If you are interested in our web design services , please contact us . We provide a Free consultation before you decide to use our services to make your website

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